Our Story

ŌSTERÍA MARCO, named for the youngest Bonanno son, opened its doors just in time to celebrate Marco’s fourth birthday in October, 2007. Chef proprietor Frank Bonanno wanted to complement his highly successful highend Italian eatery, Luca (named for the older Bonanno boy) by offering a little brother—a more playful version of Luca, but with the same artisan spirit and impeccable service.

Wide striped black and white awnings greet passersby as both a tribute to the original grocer’s shop that stood at 1453 Larimer in the 1880’s and as a nod to the traditional bold butchers’ cloth. Pigs—in metal on the street and in canvas as within the osteria—were crafted by Denver artist Quang Ho and ironsmith Michael Mancerella, not only as additional tribute to the butcher (and the wares found within Osteria Marco) but to bring luck and good fortune to all who enter.

With our classic hand-tossed Italian pizza, extensive and accessible wine selection, house crafted meats and cheeses, and rustic elegance—Marco carries on the tradition of a classic osteria—a place where an upscale chef might flip a few pizzas; where great food, fabulous wine, and laughing friends connect to experience the Italian table. Join us, won’t you?


What's in a name?

Meet Marco, the son of Frank Bananno, who will teach you (with the help of their patrons) how to pronounce Osteria Marco. Enjoy!